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let me drive you

 Portisco Taxi Service: Mercedes 9 seats, arrivals and departures from Olbia, Porto Rotondo, Portisco etc., to any location, tours, English is spoken.

For info or reservations:

tel.: (0039) 320 3060606

tel.: (0039) 339 4121344

Please contact me immediately and you will discover a new way to travel in Sardinia: Mercedes van nine seats, automatic climate control, obscured glass, dvd, tv, excursions and tours according to your disposals, English is spoken, availability also for night services, accompanying service and withdraw from all the most prestigious clubs in northern Sardinia.

For info or reservations:

(0039) 320 3060606

(0039) 339 4121344


Holder of driving licenses A, B, C, D, and CQC (driver qualifi- cation card ), in addition to many years of experience leading and possesion of taxi licenses in the municipality of Olbia, I count on my cv experience driving ambulance for the hospital in Olbia, driving school bus, guide of hire with driver (NCC). Every day I carry out my job with the passion of the first day: I consider each customer a person with whom create a relationship of trust and loyalty over time. The enthusiasm for improvement come from all the people who have contacted me for many years.

Now it's up to you:

                let me drive you.





                                                                                                                                              Ivan Ministru

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